Uninstall Cisco AnyConnect VPN on MAC

Usual Method

This is the way to uninstall any app, in general, on Mac OS. Find it uninstaller and launch it.

  1. Go to Finder -> Applications
  2. Look for Cisco Folder and Open it
  3. You should find its uninstaller by name ‘Uninstall Anyconnect’. Launch it and Follow the further instructions to get the work done smoothly.
  4. If not, please proceed to next sections.

The Method I tried

  1. Open Terminal App and change directory to Cisco Anyconnect bin:

One More Method (the developer way)

Open Terminal and execute following command:

Last Method (when nothing works, do manual removal of files)

Please refer to following link, it lists different rm commands based on different anyconnect versions to manually do the job:



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